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Focusing on abilities is essential to successful accommodations.

The objectives for individuals requesting Assistive Technologies (AT) accommodations should focus on the sensory, physical, or cognitive abilities they want to enhance, increase, or maintain rather than on their disability. AT Services is capable of demonstrating and consulting on a wide range of services, software, and adaptive equipment to help individuals achieve their goals.

To utilize AT Services an individual must have an accommodation referral from either ADA &
Accessibility Services
or the SSD Office, or be a student in the On-Campus Transition Program (OCTP) with a need for AT Services.  Accommodations may include:

  • AT accommodations training and consultations by Assistive Technologies or more advanced training by Commonwealth disabilities service agencies (DSA) or outside consultants
  • Video magnifiers and screen magnification programs with assistive reading and large-print software for people with visual difficulties
  • Screen reading programs and low-vision products that scan and read for people with low-vision or for the blind who use synthetic speech or Braille
  • Assistive reading, writing, and note taking products that often have literacy tools using synthetic speech or dramatic readings to aid persons with learning or print disabilities
  • Speech and voice recognition products for persons needing to dictate text or control a computer due to a physical limitation or cognitive disability such as dyslexia
  • Alternative input devices and built-in operating system (Widows/MacOS) accessibility features that enable people with disabilities to use a computer, improve their level of comfort, and/or avoid injury
  • Providing AT software for university owned computers using networked licensed software

AT Services is located on the first floor of Newman Library in Room 110. Access to AT Services requires Hokie Passport Card and authorized access for services, and is restricted to qualified individuals and AT/Special Services staff. For more on AT Services, please contact us.