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Modified from Easy Checks — a First Review of Web Accessibility Copyright 2016 W3C


How to do an accessibility review of a web page. With simple steps most developers and some faculty can get an idea whether or not accessibility is addressed even in the most basic way.


These checks cover just the major accessibility issues and are designed to be quick and easy, review rather than definitive. A web page could seem to pass these checks, yet still have some accessibility barriers. More robust assessment is needed to evaluate web accessibility comprehensively.

This page provides checks for the following specific aspects of a web page.

It is organized by:

  1. Structure: Page Title, Headings, and Basic Navigational Structure (WAI-ARIA Landmarks)
  2. Text: Text Color Ratio (or Contrast), Resizing Text, Image Text Alternatives (“alt text”)
  3. Web Page Interaction: Keyboard access and visual focus, Forms and Labels
  4. General Issues: Moving, Flashing, Blinking Content, Multimedia (video, audio) alternatives

Follow the links above for more in-depth knowledge for a “Basic Review of Web Accessibility.” If you prefer video, take a look at episode 11 of A11ycasts, How I do an accessibility audit.