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AT Lab

The AT Lab has 4 sit-to-stand electrically adjustable (27″ to 45″ monitor surface) workstations designed for adaptive ergonomics. The workstations have 30″ keyboard surfaces adjustable 5″ above and 5″ below the monitor surface with a tilt adjustment of 15-degrees positive or negative. The workstations are equipped with 27-inch iMac computers (3.20GHz Core i5 processors, 8 GB memory) running Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite and Windows 10. The AT Lab is also equipped with manually adjustable tables for use by tablet and touchscreen computers and a wide variety of video magnifiers and OCR-capable document cameras such as the AIBSEE ZoomEx (WIN/OS X) and PEARL (WIN only).

All computers in the AT Lab utilize network or stand-alone licensed AT software that includes screen reading/magnification software for low-vision (ZoomText), screen reading (JAWS), a variety of assistive reading, writing, and literacy software (Kurzweil 3000, WYNN, OpenBook, Red & Write), and Dragon NaturallySpeaking or Dragon Dictate voice recognition software. Besides the commercial assistive technology tools, the operating systems installed on each of the computers have settings to optimize the use of a wide variety of adaptive keyboard and mice interfaces.

The AT Lab has adjustable lighting, light-filtering and light-blocking shades, movable workstations, and a video projection system. Visual and sound blocking panels separate workstations, but those panels can be moved or removed should the configuration of the AT Lab or research require it.

The AT Lab houses braille services for Virginia Tech. Within one of the sound-proofed rooms are two literary embossers and two tactile graphic embossers. Several of the computers have text to braille and visual graphic to tactile software programs installed on them.