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Braille Production Options

Braille Services provide several different options in Braille transcription to best suit the needs of the user. Braille production options include:

  • Grade 1 Braille (uncontracted)
  • Grade 2 Braille (contracted)
  • Nemeth Code (for mathematics and sciences)
  • Tactile Graphics (for images or illustrations)

Braille is usually embossed using interpoint (Braille on two sides of the page) unless tactile graphics or in-line printing for the sighted is requested.

Braille Requests Procedures

Requests are handled on a first come, first serve basis. E-mail electronic files to transcribe (list of compatible file formats) to with the information listed under the Information Needed for Braille Request section. Paper files can be delivered in-person or by campus mail to Assistive Technologies, 1180 Torgersen Hall (0292).

E-mail electronic files (list of compatible file formats) to transcribe to with the information listed under and the file(s) as attachments. Paper files can be delivered in-person or by campus mail to the AT Research Lab, 1180 Torgersen Hall (0434).

Information Needed for Braille Request

  • Name of requestor
  • Course (or requesting department if not for a specific course)
  • Date you need to receive the materials
  • Whether you will pick up materials from the AT Research Lab (room 1180 Torgersen Hall) or have them returned by campus mail
  • And attach file(s) for transcription

File Formats

We are able to produce Braille from any of the following accessible formats:

  • MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint*, Publisher
  • Apple Pages, Keynote*, Numbers
  • PDF
  • LaTeX (.tex) — preferred for Mathematics courses
  • Mathematica (.nb) — preferred for Mathematics courses
  • Paper
  • Graphics — .jpg and .png preferred

Scanned documents and images – Must be scanned at 600 dpi in black and white. Should the content be on paper or from a textbook, please contact us for processing instructions.

Handwritten Document – We cannot accept handwritten documents. This includes handwritten documents that have been scanned.

Online Homework Systems – Online homework systems are typically inaccessible to screen readers and other assistive devices for the blind. We recommend finding an alternative method for homework assignments.

* PowerPoint and Keynote are challenging formats toe accessible and transcribe. It is advisable to set up an appointment with us in advance of preparing slide presentations to address the challenges of making them accessible and/or preparing them for transcription.

We do not currently support music braille, but may be able to find an alternative accommodation or a source of Braille, if requested.