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Braille and Tactile Graphics

One of the alternative communication services provided by Assistive Technologies is the transcription of materials into braille for students and employees with disabilities. To use Braille Services, students or employees with a disability must have an accommodation referral from either ADA & Accessibility Services (ADA Services) or Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD Office). Any faculty, staff, or student may also request Braille Services for university research.

Braille production options include:

  • Grade 1 Braille (uncontracted)
  • Grade 2 Braille (contracted)
  • Nemeth Code (for mathematics and sciences)
  • Tactile Graphics (for images or illustrations)

Braille is usually embossed using interpoint (Braille on two sides of the page) unless tactile graphics or in-line printing for the sighted is requested.

Instructions for making Braille requests and guidelines for instructors are provided to answer general questions.